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Overhead Garage Door

Sectional doors are by far the most efficient and reliable door design. They are hinged panels that move easily and quietly on guide rails, which are attached to the edges of the opening and run under the ceiling. When the door is opened, the panels are placed under the ceiling without taking up space in front of the entrance.
Sectional gates have a wide range of design options, can be made of different materials, and can be installed in openings of any shape, which allows you to harmoniously fit them into the design of buildings. They are usually supplemented with automatic drives and control systems.

Company Westfield-garagedoor for more than 5 years successfully engaged in the manufacture, installation, and maintenance of this type of gates in the state of Illinois in Chicago counties. With us you can order sectional gates at affordable prices that will meet all your requirements.

commercial garage door

Commercial Garage Door:

  • Airtight, resistant to increased loads.
  • It is possible to build a wicket door without a threshold.
  • Additional glazing allows you to achieve an optimal energy balance of the building.
  • Fast solutions
residential garage door

    Residential garage door:

  •  Convenient and easy to install, safe in operation, equipped with reliable burglary protection and rational opening system.
  •   They have improved the sealing of the aperture and heat insulation.
  •   It does not require a large space for the movement of the leaf.

Manufacturing of sectional garage doors

Our company manufactures sectional doors for private houses, underground garages, parking lots, industrial facilities, car washes, and service stations. Taking into account the experience of European companies, the use of components and accessories that fully comply with international standards and a high level of specialists allows us to offer you products of excellent quality.

  • When designing sectional doors, the main priority for us is your convenience and safety, so we offer each client a variety of options for gate designs, finishes, automation systems, and additional equipment.
  • Our company will take care of the solution to your problem and offer you a wide range of garage doors, which are divided into several categories:
  • the color of garage doors
  • garage door size
  • Garage door configuration
  • insulation class
  • automatic opening

Contact us and we will help you. Westfield-Garage Door company.